We receive new items for the showroom floor about once a month. A portionĀ of these items can be seen here. If you see anything you like, please contact us for more information. We sell everything off the floor. Please note these images are best viewed from a desktop or laptop computer.

New Arrivals September 2018:

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14

New Arrivals August 2018:

image11 image18 image17 image16 image15 image14 image13 image12 image10 image8 image9 image7 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 (3) image1 (1)

New Arrivals July 2018:

New Arrivals June 2018:

New Arrivals May 2018:

New Arrivals April 2018:

New Arrivals March 2018:

New Arrivals February 2018:

New Arrivals January 2018:

New Arrivals November 2017:

New Arrivals October 2017:

New Arrivals August/ September 2017: